KMW Copper Sheets Manufacturer in India

Copper Coils Manufacturer in India

Krishna Metal Works is the eminent Copper Sheets Manufacturer in India. Copper Sheets a rainbow of surprises based upon our customer's end-use of any product. We provide in various customized shapes and forms. Selecting the sizes to buy your copper sheet predominantly depends on attributes that are on the final use for your project. It is essential to buy any copper sheet that is closely related to your final application purpose. 

Copper Sheets are the best pick for applications that may need punching out components or those that require wrapping copper close to any other material. Our quality inspectors precisely test all destructive and non-destructive at various stages of production. By testing every sheet often, we verify all quality parameters. Our customers can obtain these copper sheets in a customized diameter and can be cut and polished to satisfy all your needs at a leading market price. 

Features of Copper Sheets:-
  • • Unparalleled performance
  • • Dimensional exactitude
  • • Efficiently recycled and reused
  • • Excellent surface finish
  • • High electrical conductivity
  • • Free from oxidizing and corrosion
Application of Copper Sheets:-
  • • Welding fixtures
  • • Ground straps
  • • Plumbing fitting
  • • Industrial machinery
  • • Power generation elements
  • • Spark plugs and terminals
  • • Heat exchanger components
  • • Structural engineering

Composition (Cu%) EC / ETP (99.90% Min), DHP (99.80% Min), TBC (99.60% Min), INDUSTRIAL (98.00%Min)
Temper Annealed (Soft), Half Hard (HB), Full Hard (HD)
Hardness Range 45 - 130 VPN
Dimensions* Thickness Width / Diameter Length
Product Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
Sheets 0.10 2.50 - 356.00 50.00 1500.00

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