At KMW, we believe in protecting the environment and our natural resources. Our installed ETP plant removes the acids and other oxidisation from the water which are produced during the production process for reuse of water.

We are committed to saving the environment and have installed solar panels to generate electricity. Solar Energy, as a renewable source of power, has played an important role in mitigating climate change. It is critical for protecting humans, wildlife and ecosystems.


Krishna Metal Works is a leading manufacturer of Copper and Copper Alloys for over Since 1935. Out expertise in the production of high-quality copper and copper alloys products has made us one of the most reputable companies in this field. We provide a comprehensive range of Copper & Brass Sheets, Strips, Foils & Circles in all sizes which are widely accepted by our users from all over the country. With our extensive experience and expertise in the field of manufacturing, we ensure that all our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Products Major Application
ETP GRADE Electrical Conductors, Contact Parts, XLPE Cables, Bus Bars, Earthing Strips & Transformers etc.
DHP GRADE Gaskets, Domestic Appliances, Air Conditioning System etc.
TIN BEARING COPPER Automobiles Radiators, Heat Exchangers etc.
BRASS 95/5 - Cu Zn-05 Detonators and Explosive Manufacturers etc.
BRASS 90/10 - Cu Zn-10 Electrical & electronic Components, Connectors & Contact Parts, Ordnance Factories, Switches etc.
BRASS 85/15 - Cu Zn-15 Jewellery and Metal Goods, Components for Electrical Industry Cladding Panels, Condenser Tubes, Heat Exchanger, Eyelets, Fastners
BRASS 70/30 - Cu Zn-30 Terminal, Wiring Harness, Connectors, Cartridge Caps, Radiator Tubes etc.
BRASS 65/35 - Cu Zn-35 Electrical Components, Automotive Components, Watch Dials, Radiator Fins, Eyelets, etc
BRASS 63/37 - Cu Zn -37 Lamp Caps, Switches, MCB’s Radiators Tubes, Electrical Contracts, Torch Bodies and Components, Zippers, Eyelets etc.
BRASS 60/40 - Cu Zn-40 Automatic Locking Devices, Door Locks, Keys Sanitary Fittings,
Cu Zn 37 (Less than 50ppm lead) Hardicrafts, Button Industry, Food Trade Utensils, Jewellery & Metal Goods